Friday, October 29, 2010

~OCTOBER is going to end soon~

I will be going to singapore tml with my coursemates....
but ..I just feel neutral.
might be one minute I feel excited, but after 60 seconds I feel guilty..
This is because I am worried about my 3D structure prediction.
I feel guilty for leaving my partner alone to wait for the result..
For the first time, I made my team member unable to submit the report on time..
there was an error on the sequence we submitted using PROTEUS 2.0 web server.
If I asked others earlier, I think we could solve the problem..
& my partner also tried her best to fix it..
trying to send the sequence few times ...but I seem doing nothing, just feel stress @.@
Now we can only sit and wait for the result or unless we are able to find other way to
predict the 3D structure ....
I just feel this semester was an unlucky sem for me...
sad thing happened...
but fortunately, I still have my course-mates & my friends to be with me..=)
and also my FAMILY as well..^^
But I never forget, this semester I laugh a lot & enjoy my day ..
I fall in love with the tears of joyful...>,<
I think I recover from flu today but not fully...
feel headache badly now..
I think I should go to sleep now ..
good night ..^^
OCTOBER is going to end soon means NOVEMBER is coming ...
cheers ..^^
I am loving it ..^^

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