Sunday, October 24, 2010

headache...what time i can sleep ? =(

headache..still do not have mood to lie on the bed and have a rest..
because too many things to accomplish...
anyway, I still have mood to blogging ...
this mean I really stress and feels do not want to do anything but want to sit in front of the laptop.
I need to submit 2 assignments 2ml, 1 presentation and 1 assignment on Wednesday..
The presentation made me feel stress because my lecturer told us the ranking of the presentation group after the presentation ended. I wonder this coming Wednesday sure will feel stress because we really need to prepare well.
The Britten Davidson model...I still do not have any idea about it.
I know about integrator gene, sensor...ermmm~~
if the sensor realised the gene expression is needed,
the integrator gene will activate the regulatory element,
then will transcribe the structural gene..
Is that true ?
We are facing problem on looking the the information about that model also since it only has theoretical proof and created on 1969...
what to do ?
My group members also feel lost..
Anyway, 4 of us are on the same ship, sure we will face it together..=)


headache...what time i can sleep ? =(

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