Tuesday, June 14, 2011


What I learnt recently when we are in the office is we should keep quiet most of the time
but we should give comment when it is necessary.
Curiosity killed the cat.
In the office, we should control our curiosity.
When the things that we are not supposed to know we better do not ask too much.
I am not sure it is because of personality, or it is the truth that
nobody like those who have a lots of questions all the time.
The questions that are not related to their work scope at all..
To me, chit-chat during lunch hour is the time to get to know each other,
because no communication may creates a lot of misunderstanding,
subsequently it will make gossips/ rumour around us.
What to do ?
We do not have the right to control others' mouth.
What they what to say and how they think is out of our control.
Sometimes, we should keep a distance with anyone especially our boss.
The person who close with us might be the one who back stab us or
compare their performance quietly.
complicated office life.....

Another thing I really enjoy is
When I am on the way to work, many office ladies are walking beside me.
The way they carry themselves and the way they dress up
really make me admired. =P
Their high heels, hand bags, colour on their face, their hairstyles,
I wish I can wear high heels with nice hand bag and walk with confidence..

Happy working days...^_____^

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