Wednesday, June 15, 2011

*Ice - cream*

Suddenly feel like want to joint down the ice-cream that I used to try.
1. Haage-Dazs
I used to try it in sunway pyramid. one scoop at RM13.90 with 2 topping(almond flake/caramel/etc). Not as sweet as baskin robbins. I tried vanilla chocolate chips.
One scoop is much more compare to baskin robbins.

2. gelatissimo
I tried it in the garden with my friend. I tried american chocolate.
It was quite sweet. One scoop actually they try to fill one paper cup fully.
rm8.90 worth it cause I really cant finish ..XD

3. baskin robbins
I tried this many time. Very-berry strawberry and Jamoca Almond Fudge.
I think I tried jamoca few time ady after I realised very bery is nicer.....>,<

I love this when they provided when we purchased coca-cola cup meal.
I like banana taste even it was quite sweet...=)

5. Gelatomio
I tried it in times square but I forgot what flavour it is.
Each scoop costs RM8.90..

6. Tutti Frutti
I tried original tart yogurt. RM5.30 each gram.
They weight the ice cream after we decorated the ice-cream.
Too bad the weight is included the paper cup..@.@
It really healthy cause not sweet at all and not tasty..XD

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