Saturday, June 11, 2011

*Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant*

Today I went to coconut flower seafood restaurant with my sis and mum.
This was my first time to have seafood in klang area...
Besides seafood, klang is famous with bak kut teh....
But it had been a long time for not having bak kut teh in klang since primary school I guess..

Cute Name---> coconut flower..
On the way to the restaurant, the road was dim and needed to pass by industrial area.
Hence, the driver should be aware while driving to the restaurant
since there are so many lorries passed by that area.

First dish---> " lala " mee hoon..
Never try lala with mee hoon before so it was quite new to me..^______^

I do not know how to say this in english...
First time try this kind of seafood ..
It a bit tastes like lala ...

Then, the dish we always order is "gu lou yoke"...

Since we were here to have seafood so cant lack of crabs here...^____^
"Man tou" with sweet & sour crabs....
thumbs up!!!!

Last but not least is fish.
Seldom eat "fei zhou yu" that was not fishy...
Nice ~~~

This is the popular beer here...
They called it coconut flower beer...
My sis said the beer was fermented on the coconut trees...
So I took this opportunity to taste it..
For sure it tastes like coconut and wine..XD

haha~ This picture took by my niece..XD
Looking at her holding the camera, she really cute..^____^

My sis, niece & mum....

my mum, sis, niece...

Enjoyable night with them even though bad thing happened yesterday..
The bad thing was got thief tried to enter my house.
I was still in my sweet dream until I heard my sis said: What happened?
I went out and saw what was going on.
Then, only I knew got thief entered our house.
Luckily my brother was here and realised got bright light
where the thief was holding mobile phone with light.
We suspected he cant see anything so he needed light to guide him.
Fortunately my mum put many things included washing machine,
This made him not dare to enter the house straight forward(since he was scared we will hear when he stepped on the plastics bag) but tried to
enter my brother's room.
He was able to runaway from my brother even it took risk..
If let say he was too frightened most probably he will fall down from 15th floor ...
But too bad he seems an experienced thief.
Now, we asked people to renovate the lock and made it secure..
Hopefully they will not come back.
It really scary ..
But too be frank, if we able to catch him, I will just kick his private part till he feel
really really pain....
Crazy me....

Ti gong bo bi my family and I are safe all the time..=)

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