Thursday, May 12, 2011


messy wardrobe..
but not as messy as wardrobe in UTM..>,<

Study desk..=)

double room bigger than double room in KTHO..=P

Love my smelly bed...^^

Every night sleep with me...XD

nice wardrobe...
but too bad no mirror ...=(

K5C, 408..Kolej Aminuddin Baki, UKM...
the nicest days since I moved to this room...huhu..^^
because finally I have my own space instead of slept, ate, on-line on my own mattress
on the FLOOR ..

nice milo ice even ratio of milo powder lesser than condensed milk...^^

Kunyit campur..
ate few days ady as my dinner...=)

Prawn prawn it..^^

squid squid squid...


Time flies, I gonna leave UKM soon..
4 more working days...
Hopefully tomorrow nothing much I need to improve on my database system
and I can apply leave on next monday ...
I also wish I can have a nice picnic with my friends in Sepang Gold Coast
as we planned..

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