Tuesday, May 24, 2011

*Craving for gadgets*

My feeling now is like the cartoon above..
CRAVING for -----> gadgets...

My senior suggested me to own canon 550D instead of nikon D3100..
The price is rm2400-rm2700, more expensive than D3100 but worth it
with the nice specifications..

Besides that, after looking on some phones review recently..Feel like want to own
iphone ---->rm2300
or samsung galaxy I9000-----> rm1500
My dear plans to buy a new handphone but the reason
for him to buy a new one is his hp cant last for so long like
will not function anytime....
I hope we can own the same phone model..=P

I fell in love with the pink cover that costs rm159..
well~ i thought it is included when consumers bought ipad2..@.@
so without 3G, rm1499 + rm159---> rm1858
they really have nice business plan..XD
Really enjoy while playing game with ipad2 even I prefer to hang out
rather playing game at home ...

Among three gadgets, the one I prefer the most is ...
for sure is DSLR...XD
but I still have a lots of time to consider...
what I really need ????????


  1. me~~


  2. need u arr? hahaha...aunty..=P

  3. cnt meh,my lovely popo>,<


  4. buy waht u need, not what u want...;p

  5. aunty 星星缘~im not popo la..im very young de...u want try me ? like 18 years old bok bok cui de...XD

    anonymous:ermm~ too many things i want now but i dont think is what i need..XD but i really need DSLR....XD