Saturday, October 8, 2011

*KSL city*

KLS city started to operate last semester but we were having industrial training
so we have no chance to go there..
Finally, we went there today by taking shuttle bus from JB sentral which costs RM1.50..
The bus will stop at the entrance of the shopping centre..
Even it was raining cats and dogs when we were on the way to city square,
it doesnt really affect our mood right after we reached KSL city..
There are quite a lot of boutiques there, especially the boutique name called Sugar..
such a nice shop because they did sell the shoes that I super falling in love into...
VINTAGE shoes ^_^
But I didnt buy because I spent about RM200 for last week...

So~ we were here to shop and fill our wardrobe with nicer clothes but I
was here just for window shopping..^_^..

Kachak~ Took one photo together first ..^_^
This is another reason why we love mirror so much ..haha..
Shopping for few hours non-stop, then only we went to have our dinner in manhattan fish market..

6 of us ..^_^

Just a while, the food had been served on our table..

Our shopping day ended up with this photo...
Finally we bought ourselves a basketball since we kept talking about this first year...
so~ it's time to spend more time on exercising and LOSE weight ...@.@

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