Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Assignments, Quizzes, thesis.....
It started to come over me..
Today just met with sp and realised there was a lot of correction
that I need to do before I can proceed ..
after the meeting and dinner ...
I still feel passion to exercise at my room...hehe..^_^
After finishing exercise for 20 minutes, (so far cant continue further..>,<)..
rest for a while and ready to take shower..
I kept sweating...
I feel nice when sweat droplets keep dropping ...
And I started to feel that exercise is not only to lose weight
but it helps us to keep ourself healthy since the food we consume is too salty..
Satisfactory after exercising is taking nice shower..=)


After taking shower, I do not have any motivation to continue all my works..
but sitting in front of pc, blogging, watching movie...
as what I promised myself, I indulged myself today
and start to do my work after tomorrow...
After cycling and have dinner with my dear first .hehe..^_^
hopefully I manage to spend a nice evening ...=)

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