Saturday, October 15, 2011

♥Cycling day♥

It had been a long time for me to mention to go cycling in utm
since I was in second year..
However, now only I have chance to go with dear..
I thought I do not have chance to go since it was raining...
But, eventually, the rain was stopped...
Really thanks dear for accompanying me even thought he was busy with his work..
Thankssss... ^_^
We spent about 30 minutes to settle the bicycle renting...
phew~ What I can say is --> poor facility because they never intend to
upgrade or repair any bicycle..
The problem we faced was we did not remember any number on the bicycle itself,
so we went to the safety department, we were being told that we need to check which bicycle
we want to borrow and checked whether it still function well or not..
so, for the first time, we walked back and looked at which bicycles we want.
Then, we walked back there and prepared to write down all our details and took our key..
But then we realised that two malay girls were sitting and filling up the book...
They took one of the bicycles we want to borrow...
Urghhh~ what to do~ we need to get back to the place and get another number...
For the third time in the department, we finally get the number, so I was
really really excited...^_^
When we reached the place to get the bicycles, we realised that the malay girls who borrowed the bicycles took our come ?
that means the number is useless? ~.~
Our mood a bit being affected ...anyway, we get the bicycles at last...

Nice scene..=)

Super hungry deer...>,<

Preparing our dinner...>,<
boiled egg again..hehe..

enjoyable day with dear...

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