Tuesday, November 22, 2011

*Lesson 1 in my life*

Yeah~ blogging here again after test..
this is quite normal for last year..but this semester is the first time .=P
Busy with proposal draft of my final year project and studied
for my test held in the following day ...
headache + tired + no mood..
I did familiar with the formulae but...
I wrongly multiply the number instead of square it.
It really gave a big impact because I obtained -ve number..
5 questions , 2 questions I did wrong..hopefully I still get
mark for the first part...


Looking back to my 3 years study, many things that influenced me
until I get bad result(If I can handle it nicely, this condition will not happen to me),
not really bad but I used to get less than 3.5/4.0.
I was blaming myself until now..
Because of something and myself,
I caught gastric, not really good result, depressed, crying ...
I hate those days ...
But I was happy now I get my happiness..
At least I know in a relationship is not as bad as I experienced it before.
Before you possess anything, you need to learn how to let go when the time arrive.
Trying to patch up with the one who doesnt really match with us is the most
miserable thing in the world, to me only perhaps...^_^


Whenever I recalled what had happened, I feel really really depressed because of my
But this was the lesson in my life..
and I hope I will not step into the old path AGAIN...~~~~

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