Sunday, November 13, 2011

*It Roo Cafe*

Since I'll be getting busy this month, I decided to
have pre birthday celebration dinner with dear...
So, we went to It Too Cafe to have our dinner after watching movie
you are the apple of my eyes in KSL city mall..

Finally reached the destination after short distance walking...
Rainy day made me feel uncomfortable but still do not influence my
good mood with dear..=)

Super LIKE the vintage feel in the cafe..^_^

This used to get a rewards from star at 2003 with
the best chicken chop in JB..

I was regret that I ordered fried rice instead of grilled chicken chop due
to I prefer to eat rice at that moment, but quite nice..hehe..^_^

Drink they recommended in the menu: Root beer~


A lot of surprises are coming soon on your birthday..=P

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