Friday, July 15, 2011

*unlucky cum lucky day*

Today I woke up late..
As usual 3-step skin care + final step apply eye serum(to remove dark circle) ..
The sales person said after 2 weeks you can see the effect..@.@
Actually really no ugly woman in this world.
I remembered during CNY my friend asked me why dont I used CLINIQUE
facial products?
My replied was LAZY~
She said the 3-step skin care became her daily routine if she miss it she will feel weird.
She also go for gym after working 5-6 days per week.
That's why every time I meet her her skin become smoother.
I also plan to take gym or yoga class after working in the future.
If my dear is working in JB I think most of the time he could not accompany me
so I have to find something to do so that I will not miss him too much ..XD


Coming back to the topic, today was the unluckiest day ever.
Raining heavily early in the morning, my dad fetch me to LRT station.
At that moment I was in hurry and did not notice the signboard.
After my head knocked on the steel signboard, I looked backwards
and I saw my dad stared at me and shook his head.
Without hesitating, I was heading to ticket counter.
I thought to go post office and posted report to my dear but I was late.
I felt so upset about this..=(
Then, the train was stopping at the station so to avoid missing the train,
I walked faster and I almost fell down. *so FISH@.@*


Finally, I settled down and found a seat in the train.
As usual, sms with my dear so by the time I get on the train
my watch shown 8:15am.
In my mind, I still have time because to reach masjid jamek LRT station
from sri petaling station, it takes about 30 minutes, then I take
putra LRT and disembark in KL sentral station.
Well, I had to send sms and took my superior I will be late
because the LRT stopped on the halfway and declared: The LRT
will stop and wait for the signal from control station.
Ended up I was late for about 15 minutes just because the LRT stopped abruptly for 15 minutes.
I was taking same lift with country director..@.@
Fortunately she did not notice me if not she will go to HR department,
find my profile and mumbling..@.@


When I met my dad, he asked about my head.
I almost forgot about this because keep calling and looking for candidates,
around 6:13pm only I achieved my daily target.
I thought my head was not serious and did not feel pain
but when my dad used the chinese medicine to massage for me,
I feel very very pain even just touch softly.
My dad described the signboard was shaking when my head knocked on it.
my mum and dad said I really lucky today because if I hit the sharp part of
the signboard, I think I admit to the hospital already. T_T


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