Wednesday, September 7, 2011

*Crazy day*

I planned to sing karaoke yesterday but after I reserved the room
I caught fever at the midnight ..
I thought my plan has been spoilt but I still carry on my plan today
after I getting better even sore throat came after fever...@.@

Singing karaoke alone is quite nice but feel lonely also..>,<
I still love to go with friends ...^_^
I took this chance to sing some of my dear's favourite songs and recorded it..
haha.. He is the one who said I sing well even I am not..>,<

This morning I went market with my sis and mum..
I bought 2 aunty short pants for myself ...
After finished my karaoke session, I bought another 2 pants also..hehe..^_^

Eventually I bought the bus ticket back to utm..
A bit depressed because going to leave my sweet home..
A bit excited because I am looking forward to my new and challenging final year in utm...
Anyway, this will be my last studying life so I MUST appreciate much much much before
eveything become memory to me..^_^

Now, I am suffering because I lost my voice...
Hopefully I am getting better before I back to utm...
After this few months I am thinking to appreciate my body more
by reducing oily, spicy and sour food ...

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