Friday, September 2, 2011

*Bookfest 2011*

I went to bookfest in KLCC concention centre last sunday.
I dont know when I started to be so eager and excited to go to book fest, but I think this is a good habit..=P
But too bad I do not have time to go booth by booth because too crowded
and actually I really hate crowded place.
I told my friend I hope one day I become the VVIP and I am the only one who visit all the booths
without other people bothering me..
Then, my friend pushed my head and woke me up..
Come on, I have right to have day dream ..>,<

I only managed to buy 3 books..
travel guide in taipei, book about marriage & relationship and love story book.

What I bought in the bookfest..
I need to buy whole set of stationeries because my niece lost it.
I am planning to go one more time before the bookfest ended this sunday.

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