Monday, April 18, 2011

*monday blue*

Today I did nothing but only doing my final
practical training report..
still, havent finish it..hahah...


I know after I get the framework, I will be busy with my
work again..
So I decided to finish 80% of my report
in order I can cope with the busy day which will coming soon...
Still thinking the database is not complete,
many things havent add on,
such as:-

1. link to KEGG pathway/polygonum minus pathway map...
2.add another resources instead of wikipedia by curling it from the website itself...T_T
3. mail() function
4.using different columns
5.using different methods


anyway, I will only start on it tml..
still thinking how to write my log book for today..

my sis's laptop also need to be formatted before I can used it..

jiayou~jiayou ar...^________^

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