Sunday, January 1, 2012

*To YOU*


I used to think we can be friend but I still need time.
Be friend but not now...
I just hope to have a peaceful life.
Instead of clinging with the old memories why dont you move forward?
I really have no idea at all why you went to my house?!!
May be to you this is concern but this made me feel uncomfortable.
I hope you can understand.
Dont mess up everything if you still treat me as friend as I tried to be friend with you.
Remember, if one day I really decided to be friend with you,
I do hope you dont think too much that we still have chance to be together.
May be this is cruel but this is good for both of us..

From ME

1 comment:

  1. why i went to ur house? cause i still feel bad about what i did at ur
    house 2 years back...i just want to mend the mess up.... i don't have
    any intentions....
    i suffered from another broke up with my gf already because she
    double time me....i had a total of 4 broken relationships including
    with you...i cannot take anymore blow...
    i totally lost faith in love....

    you don't know? u are the gal i love the most.. i am a taurus, when we
    truely fall in love it will be hard for us to forget someone...i
    thought i had forgetten u when i start dating her but in the end
    when i broke up with her, i never cry but only i think of u.....and
    our memories.... i hate myself for being like this. i never request u
    for anything, i just wish to talk to u only but u keep avoiding
    me....i know u still have feelings for me like what i have for
    u...that's why when u avoid me, and never reply i never keep
    bombarding u messages but just keep trying to talk to u nicely by
    expressing my feelings....

    i never can fall in love again. to me love is a misery. i already own
    two cars, an apartment in kl, two careers and will be studying law
    part time this year but my life is really empty .....why is it my
    career path can't align with my love life? do u know, i treat my ex gf
    as a replacement for u? in the past, you told me i never pamper u and
    shower u gifts and u wanted a diamond necklace... i gave all those to
    her but in end i got betrayed...maybe i never love her so i didn't cry
    at all......

    after i know u got bf, i started smoking at least half box to one box
    aday....that is how i controlled my emotions, if not how can u see me
    not doing funny funny what i did in the me
    smoking is a habit to control my emotions already. i don'y know wat
    else i can do.......

    i hate my self alot....