Wednesday, December 14, 2011

*23rd birthday celebration*

Seasons greeting~
I like december ..
because is my birthday month and x'mas...^^

We were suffering in the hectic study life in utm,
hence we will grab all the chances to go out and enjoy ourself.
So, we went to have our dinner in anmour cafe..

Then, we went to sutera mall...
I like x'mas decoration..=)
I remember last year the decoration in mid valley that had
a lot of huge teddy bear...^^

After that, we went to station one in taman u...
This time I tried hoegaarden...

This was the big surprise from my friends...
That moment I tried to fix my necklace and I didnt notice the waiter
brought the cake to our table..^^
Meanwhile, the girl who were singing that night sang the happy birthday song
and wished me ..
The funniest one was she wished me "zao sheng gui zi"..>,<

My swollen face after I drink beer..@.@

photo session...

Then, my dear also celebrate my birthday..
Initially we didnt plan to go out on my birthday .
hence, he bought me the cake in moonlight cake house..=)

the present I received from my dear on my birthday ..^^
like it so much...

The birthday card that I can change the colour of the hat..^^

He collected the wishes from my friends and wrote on colourful paper..
Thanks for everything ..

Thanks my friends for everything ..=)
I know they were busy with their work but still spent some time to make me the card..

Finally have time to pak toh with my dear..^^
I said dear, the feeling of holding your hand and by your side,
I always feel secure and sweet..=)

We had dinner in tea garden in taman sutera utama...^^
Finally getting older ..haha..
hope ppl around me stay healthy and happy always ..=)

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