Wednesday, January 26, 2011


little bit nervous...
extremely nervous?
I am getting nervous on the proposal presentation tomorrow..
Just now I checked on the content, ermm~~~
For this moment, I do not have mood to do anything ..
I can only say I really waste a lot of time on worrying something that will happen but unpredictable..
before exam, before presentation(just in front of coursemates),
before meeting lecturer and ask something...
just be BRAVE...
it is funny when I found out myself psycho myself just not to feel nervous..
This is the time for me to be not nervous,
dare to express and present what I need to present...
If I could do it well, I will give rewards to my stomach and body..haha...
nice nice clothes, shoes, fancy nails color.....a lot and a lot...
jiayou ...^_^

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