Monday, November 15, 2010


Today is my 5th day at home...
I was planning to go back johor today but I havent buy the bus ticket yet.
so I will back to johor 2ml..
I am a bit worried because tomorrow is public holiday
so might be no bus ticket available.
Yesterday only I started to do my revision for my final exam
which is Operating System..
Might be it is too fast because this will be my last paper..
But 3 papers are coming subsequently so I dont think
I have much time to revise this subject so I planned to revise it first...
3 papers are coming subsequently, I am a bit lost ..
What make me worried is ccna-networking ...
I dont have confidence to score...not even B+ ...
Im getting ready to accept that this subject and computer graphics
will affect my cgpa ...
There was a pair of wings grew on my dean's list certificate,
flied away after the computer graphics exam..
haha ..........^^


few months already but I still............
Just hope i will getting busy, so that I can feel better.........


My grandmother's health condition is getting serious..
today my mum received a call from my aunt,
she get water in her lungs and hardly to breath...
She is too old to suffer all this...
Just hope she can go to the world without painful...


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